About Us

Private School Partner is a division of Partner Purchasing Group, a company dedicated to becoming a purchasing partner with organization and institutions across the country. The private school market in the United States is growing due to the need for excellent alternative education options to public schools. Private schools typically are underserved due to their relative isolation, and cannot be guaranteed the best product at the best price. Private School Partner looks to be their purchasing advocate by providing superior products at significantly discounted prices backed up by exceptional service.

Founded in 1994 as ChurchPartner, Rick Emmelhainz and Neal Rosner, were friends who met at their church and saw their church struggle to obtain good prices and services from their suppliers, primarily due to their small size. To strengthen their church, and the buying power of other churches in the Denver area, Rick and Neal initially organized 20 Denver churches in 1995 as a purchasing block, bringing prices down and service levels up.

Our Mission

Private School Partner's mission is to provide the highest quality of products for the private school market at the best prices possible.

As a purchasing partner, Private School Partner works to not just sell, but to actively engage with private schools to recommend the best product for their need often providing a variety of alternatives that can meet or exceed specification.

Private School Partner also actively seeks out the best and newest product that can assist private schools to maintain a competitive edge in the alternative school market. Private School Partner then communicates the products to the market, offering them at the best discounted prices possible.

Finally, Private School Partner backs up their sales with service after the sale. This is demonstrated with regular customer updates during the order and delivery process and prompt attention and resolution of delivery and damage issues.


Private School Partner is pleased to be an active member of the local and national chapters of the National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA) as well as the Christian Leadership Association.

Private School Partner also maintains membership in the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Private School Partner is also active in the National Association of School Supply and Equipment Association as well as the Christian Book Association.